Antifa Heckles Black Trump Supporter, Calls Him ‘Uncle Tom’ During ‘Loyalty Day’ March (VIDEO)

Anti-American Antifa members chanted ‘Uncle Tom! Uncle Tom!’ at a black Trump supporter participating in a ‘Loyalty Day’ march in Los Angeles, CA. The ‘Loyalty Day’ march is a counter protest to the leftists out marching for ‘May Day’.

Many minorities voted for President Trump, including ‘Latinos for Trump’, ‘Blacks for Trump’ and ‘Immigrants for Trump’ to name a few, however; the fake news media will never talk about this. It doesn’t fit their perpetual lie that Trump supporters are all white supremacists and Nazi’s.

Many blacks are sick of the Democrat plantation which has done nothing to help blacks with upward mobility. In fact, the Democrat party has destroyed the black community and the conservative movement in the black community seeks to bring back God and family to be at the center of their lives like it used to be.



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