Young Republican TRICKS CLUELESS REPORTER Into Repeating Hillary’s Famous Line (VIDEO)

Guest post by Tom Franklin at American Lookout:

The Liberal Media continues to march to the drumbeat of the Democrat Party.

Since it’s tax season, they’ve decided to try to hit President Trump on his tax returns.

They held rallies this weekend featuring Maxine Waters and a profanity-laden tirade from Sarah Silverman.

All this despite the fact that Rachel Maddow’s supposed expose shows he pays a higher tax rate than Obama and Sanders – combined!

One Young Republican turned the tables on the Liberal Media this weekend.

He gave them a quote about Trump’s tax returns that is actually a famous Hillary quote.

PJ Media reported:

“Chicago Young Republican spokesperson Jeff Halm pulled a fast one on CBS News Chicago Saturday night with hilarious results. Asked for his reaction to the Trump tax marches that were held in dozens of cities nationwide today, he decided to borrow a famous quote from Hillary Clinton for his answer. Credulous anchor Sandra Torres read his answer on the air with a straight face.”


It’s time Republicans stood up to the Liberal Media.

Way to go!

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