WI MANHUNT UPDATE: Secret Service Secures Paul Ryan’s Home After Local Lunatic Steals 18 Guns, Threatens Trump

Wisconsin police told Fox News on Tuesday they were fully aware they could be engaged in a suicide-by-cop showdown if they encounter manhunt suspect Joseph Jakubowski, wanted for stealing guns and mailing a 161-page manifesto to President Trump.

Joseph Jakubowski, a career criminal who wrote a long manifesto threatening President Trump, stole several guns this past weekend and released a video of himself mailing the manifesto to the White House.

Jacubowski has a long history of criminal actions.
He promised to conduct an unspecified attack.


Jacubowski stole 16 high-caliber rifles and handguns from a Wisconsin gun store after threatening President Trump.

Via Fox News:

Jakubowski, 32, disappeared after allegedly stealing 18 firearms from a gun shop in Janesville. His stepfather, Don McLean, and the suspect’s mother told The Associated Press they wanted Jakubowski to give himself up because they “would rather have him alive.”

Also Tuesday, police said Jakubowski may have shaved his head, releasing an image showing the suspect without hair.

In addition, law enforcement officials said they would provide extra security to House Speaker Paul Ryan — who hails from the city at the center of the search — and his family.

Janesville Police Chief David Moore told ABC News’ “Good Morning America” the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives would work with U.S. Capitol police to reduce the threat while protecting Ryan and his family. Janesville is Ryan’s hometown.

“Our concerns are with the speaker and his family,” Moore added.

Isn’t this wonderful? Paul Ryan and his family have the luxury of the U.S. Capitol police and Secret Service to protect them from danger while the commoners have to deal with threats head on. No wonder why Paul Ryan doesn’t mind flooding us with dangerous refugees and works to keep our borders open. His family will always be protected.


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