WINNING: Lansing Mayor Reconsiders Sanctuary Policy Following Tucker Carlson Debate (VIDEO)

Citing “democracy in action”, Lansing Mayor Virgil Bernero and his city council are walking back their position on turning their city into a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

Fox News Insider reports:

One week after debating Tucker Carlson on the merits of his city’s sanctuary policy, Mayor Virgil Bernero (D-Lansing) returned to break some news on that front.

Tucker opens the segment saying:

“After 168 hours as a sanctuary city, Lansing city council called a special meeting . . . to reconsider this, perhaps because they recognized it could cost them a lot of federal money.”

The Lansing Mayor then gave a little monologue where he went on to describe the situation at hand:

“I must say, I heard from a lot of your fans after I came on, and you do have a great fanbase, I think it’s wonderful – look, what we’re seeing is democracy in action, Tucker, and this discussion is part of it, I think we should have more conversations where we shed light, not heat, and I appreciate that, that’s one of the things I appreciate about your show, people get a chance to talk about real issues, and council is having a real debate. Council heard from the chamber of commerce, I work with the chamber of commerce on growing business all the time in Lansing, and they’re hearing from the people on both sides of the issue.”


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