WHOA! Keith Ellison Blames Obama For Dems’ Massive Election Failures (VIDEO)

Guest post by Aleister at American Lookout:

The DNC’s deputy chairman Keith Ellison recently made an astounding and true admission about Obama and the Democratic Party. While the last ten years worked out quite well for Obama, the party suffered and much of the blame for that lays with Obama himself.

Democrats lost over 1,000 seats under failed President Obama.


The Daily Caller reports:

DNC Deputy Chairman: Obama Is Responsible For Electoral Failures [VIDEO]

The deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee places much of the blame for his party’s recent electoral failures at the feet of President Obama.

“Barack Obama could have been a better party leader, and I think the fact that he wasn’t has put his legacy in jeopardy,” Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison said at an event held at the University of Minnesota on Wednesday.

Ellison, a progressive who backed Bernie Sanders for president and was an early supporter of Obama’s, said that the former president’s failure to lead the Democratic party led to steep losses at the national level as well as in state houses across the country.

Watch the video:

Ellison is right for once. While Obama partied at the White House with celebrities and lied to the American people about Obamacare and other things, his party was destroyed.

He is responsible for the position Democrats find themselves in now.

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