VILE Somali Asylum Seeker KILLS Woman, RAPES 2 Disabled Elderly Men (VIDEO)

As Germany falls apart, Merkel encourages migration and integration. Sad.

Europe continues to defend the outsiders and allows their citizens to fall victim to monsters. An “asylum seeker” from Somalia has been charged with the rape of two elderly men and the murder of the wife of one of the victims in Germany this last year.

The 18-year-old perverted criminal broke into a care home in October and raped a paralyzed 59-year-old man. He then entered an adjoining room and raped another man before being confronted by the man’s 87-year-old wife who he then brutally killed.

Breitbart reports:


Police say the migrant, who is currently being held in a psychiatric unit, killed the woman with “great force” to avoid being caught.

He was then confronted by a janitor at around 3.30am but forced his way past him before jumping out a window and fleeing the home.

The janitor told the court he was “puzzled and thought it might be a resident”, but upon asking the asylum seeker who he was he ran towards the main entrance before changing direction and using a chair to leap from a window.

The police found the victims lying in a pool of blood. The vile criminal was said to have been inebriated and “may have had a history of mental illness”.

Germany has devolved into a state of panic along with the rest of Europe with the globalist leftist elites attempting to act like nothing is wrong. Merkel continues to threaten the lives of her citizens and is just as much guilty for the crimes and violence as any of the criminals for being an enabler.

Massive Muslim immigration breeds violence and rape. This is why we are seeing the destruction of Europe like never seen before.

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