VIDEO=> DNC Disunity Tour Mocks Democrats Failed Attempt to Unite Party

The Republican Party released video on Monday of the failed Democrat Party “Unity” tour that resulted in more disunity than when the tour started.

The tour stops were filled with boos and blame.
Even the liberal mainstream media couldn’t hide from it.

The RNC also released this timeline on the failed tour:



* Perez gets booed.
* Perez and Bernie argue over whether Dems actually invested in the Kansas special election.
* Bernie still refuses to share his email list with the DNC.


* While sitting next to Perez, Bernie says he isn’t a Democrat.
* Perez and Bernie give joint interview and disagree over several policy issues.
* Perez/Dems invest $8M+ in Jon Ossoff, who only earns 1.3% of the vote more than Hillary.


* Perez gets booedagain.
* Bernie insults Hillary by arguing that Trump didn’t win in 2016, Democrats lost.
* Perez’s deputy, Keith Ellison, blames Obama for 2016 losses.
* Bernie snubs Ossoff.
* Democrats throw Ossoff under the bus.


* Progressive groups condemn Bernie & Perez for holding a rally in support of pro-life Democrat Heath Mello in Omaha.
* Perez tries to clean up the Mello-drama.


* Perez gets booed – for a third time.
* Perez tries to clean up the Mello-drama – again.
* Bernie tries to clean up his Ossoff snub.
* Meet The Press criticizes “Unity Tour.”


* Team Perez blames Bernie for Mello-drama.


* Bernie rebukes Perez by doubling down on Mello.
* Bernie says “model of the Democratic Party is failing.”
* CBS’s John Dickerson blasts Perez for his coarse language at “Unity Tour” rallies.

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