Update: United Airlines Claims Flight Passenger Was Forcibly Removed From Wasn’t Overbooked

Sunday, a Vietnamese doctor named David Dao was violently removed from a United Airlines flight which left him dazed and bloodied.

Initial reports claimed that the flight was overbooked which prompted four people to be bumped to another flight. Now United Airlines is claiming that they had to make room for four crew members who needed to be in Louisville the next day for a flight.

Circa News:


A United Airlines spokesman confirmed Tuesday that Flight 3411 from which a man was dragged from his seat was not overbooked.

Jonathan Guerin said the flight needed to accommodate four crew members who were needed in Louisville the next day.

“They were considered ‘must-ride’ passengers,” Guerin said. Four passengers were selected to give up their seats, and three did so willingly.


Video compilation of the man being dragged off of the plane then subsequently allowed back on the plane, face bloodied…

Sean Spicer reacted to the video of the man being violently removed from the flight…

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz released a statement:

The CEO of United Airlines has apologized for the “truly horrific” removal of a passenger from an overbooked flight.

Oscar Munoz said he “continues to be disturbed” by the incident, during which a passenger was forcibly dragged, screaming, off a plane.

He said the company would “fix what’s broken so it never happens again”.

United’s parent company’s share price plummeted on Tuesday after a video of the incident went viral on Twitter.

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