Tucker Carlson Shuts Down Liberal on Russia: ‘ Either Give Me Some Evidence or Stop Talking’ (VIDEO)

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson destroyed another deranged, Russia-obsessed liberal on his show tonight.

David Tafuri is just another liberal who was blathering on about the ‘Russian interference’ with our election when Tucker Carlson shut him down, ‘As a journalist in America either give me some evidence or stop talking’. Boom!

I think we can all relate to Tucker Carlson’s frustration with this Russian-crazed liberal. The Obama administration spied on Trump and his associates for over a year and we have yet to see any evidence that there is a Russian connection or Russian interference whatsoever. If they had any evidence, they would have released it by now.

And no, 1,000 Twitter trolls in Russia do not count as ‘election interference’.