Tucker Carlson Schools Leftist Professor Who Opposes Ann Coulter, Leaves Him Stuttering (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson invited leftist professor, Aaron Hanlon as a guest to discuss Ann Coulter’s speech at UC Berkeley being canceled due to violent threats.

Instead of blaming the violent leftists for stifling free speech, the brain dead liberal professor says that ‘colleges should be able to have standards for the speakers that they bring.’ And who makes these standards? This is just code for ‘colleges should be able to prohibit free speech by inviting only speakers who share our leftist ideology.’

Professor: “There’s no ban on students reading Ann Coulter’s books.”

Tucker: “There’s a ban on Ann Coulter being heard on campus. And colleges as you know blame the speaker for inciting the violence of others who disagree and I guess my question as someone who says he supports free speech, where is the punishment for the people who are prohibiting the exercise of free speech? Why aren’t you mad at them? You seem to be blaming the people who dare to have ideas you don’t agree with.”

Professor: “Well, I mean…I’m I’m I’m I’m of course mad at the people who are shutting down speech forcibly.”

Tucker: “What should happen to them?”

Professor: “I, I, I, I’m uh I’m not really in the uh uh it’s not my uh…”

Typical leftist professor. He can’t even argue his point. No leftist can ever argue their point which is why they constantly try to silence conservative ideas. Tucker Carlson hit hard and left this lib stammering!

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