Trump Transition Team Members Issue Letter to Congress for Susan Rice to Come Testify (VIDEO)

Rep. Marcia Blackburn (R-TN), a member of the Trump Transition Team, sent a letter to the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday demanding Susan Rice come testify before the committee.

Marcia Blackburn: I think Susan Rice has a very complicated history with the truth. You can look at what she said about Bowe Bergdahl. You can look at what she said about Benghazi. And now you can look at this. And she used a double negative, “I didn’t give nothing to nobody.” That means she gave something to somebody. And we got three members of the Transition Team, Chris Collins, Lou Barletta and I. We have a letter that is in to Congressman Nunes and Schiff and Senators Warner and Burr and yes we want her to come up here. She needs to say if she unmasked the names of American citizens. If she unmasked the names of members of Congress. She knows this is a crime and she needs to come in. She does not need to be fearful. If she did nothing wrong she need not be fearful.

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