Spicer Calls Out Sanctuary Cities: They ‘Have the Blood of Dead Americans on Their Hands’ (VIDEO)

Wednesday, on Fox’s “America’s Newsroom”, White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer spoke out against sanctuary cities.

Spicer had previously issued a statement saying that sanctuary cities had the “blood of dead Americans on their hand.”

Breitbart News reports:

“[S]an Francisco, and cities like it, are putting the well-being of criminal aliens before the safety of our citizens, and those city officials who authored these policies have the blood of dead Americans on their hands,” the White House statement read, referring to the 2015 Kate Steinle shooting by an illegal immigrant. “This San Francisco judge’s erroneous ruling is a gift to the criminal gang and cartel element in our country, empowering the worst kind of human trafficking and sex trafficking, and putting thousands of innocent lives at risk.”

When asked by Bill Hemmer, anchor of “American’s Newsroom”, what grounds the White House thought the Supreme Court would side with the Trump administration, Spicer said that the executive order was “within the authorities it has been given under U.S. code”.

“On the same grounds as the court ruled . . . Ironically, the court agreed with the president’s interpretation of the authorities that he has given under U.S. Code. Where they differed is the interpretation of the intent of it which is outside of what they should be looking at. The U.S. Code makes it clear this president has the full authority to do what’s necessary to protect this country and to present grant money in a way he sees fit. The idea that any judge or any jurisdiction would not be wanting to help make sure that we can protect our citizens runs counter to what we should be looking for as citizens and laws supporting to do.”


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