South Korea Arrests First Female President Over Bribery Allegations, Political Favors

South Korea’s first female president, Park Geun-hye was arrested Friday morning in Seoul over bribery allegations which led to her impeachment and removal from office earlier this year.

The Daily Caller reports:

According to Reuters, Park was arrested after the Seoul Central District Court sided with prosecutors, claiming the 65-year-old former president posed a flight risk and could potentially tamper with evidence involved in the ongoing investigation.

Park is accused of colluding with friend and advisor Choi Soon-sil of soliciting donations from Korean businesses, most notably Samsung, to foundations friendly to Park’s legislative agenda in exchange for political favors.

The warrant for her arrest dictates she be held for 20 days, which prosecutors will use to continue to build a case against the disgraced politician.

Does this story sound eerily familiar? She sounds like the Hillary Clinton of South Korea. Soliciting donations from businesses to foundations, political favors etc.


The Clinton Foundation was a way for Hillary to sell out our country while she served in government. Millions of dollars flowed through the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments. In fact, new emails discovered by Judicial Watch show Clinton Foundation donors were given special treatment. Where is the justice? When will the Clinton’s have to answer for their foundation?


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