SMUG Democrat Lawmaker ‘Not Concerned’ by Obama Admin Surveillance of Trump (VIDEO)

Swalwell is NOT concerned about Obama’s illegal surveillance, calls it a “distraction”.

Eric Swalwell (D-CA), a House Intelligence Committee member, was interviewed by Fox & Friends over the weekend and asked to give an opinion on the new information that came out on March 31, 2017 through Fox’s own Adam Housley, wherein a source says that the unmasking was done by someone, “very well known, very high up, very senior in the intelligence world,” and ultimately that it had nothing to do with Russia.

When asked, “do you have concerns that more and more evidence is now coming out . . . that shows that there was some level of surveillance of the Trump candidacy or transition?” Swalwell, with typical leftist smugness, responded with one word “NO”.

When further pressed on the topic and asked about the politically motivated nature of the situation, Swalwell again responded simply with “NO”.


After being asked why he continues to say “no” he responded with the following:

“What I am concerned about is that a foreign adversary, RUSSIA, a country who is not our friend, attacked our Democracy this past election and that our President and his campaign, who the FBI are investigating right now for counterintelligence and criminal investigations, have deep, personal, political, and financial ties and what I want to know . . . is whether those ties were converging at the same time Russia was attacking us.”

He then went on to say that any suggestion that the Obama administration “was spying on Trump team [sic], it’s a distraction, it’s a smoke bomb, and it’s been dismissed roundly.”

Oh, has it?

Schiff’s visit to the White House was also brought up and Swalwell dismissed Schiff’s “radio silence” as him doing his job and not sharing information . . . Despite him showing up on CNN this morning . . .

The smug defiance of Democratic lawmakers since the Trump election is beginning to illustrate the follow-the-leader mentality they adhere to without question. California Democrats are especially wild as of late and above all else they are smug and condescending making them less palatable as the days go by.

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