Shea Moisture: ‘We Really F–ed This One Up!’ by Putting White People in Advertisement (VIDEO)

Following an onslaught of hate and condescending remarks from the SJW community, Shea Moisture is pulling an advertisement that featured white people instead of people who are not white.

The message being sent is that white people are not people in the same way that other individuals are. For a company to change its formula to include a large demographic base they are not racist or bigoted, and they are also not exclusionary, they’re capitalists, it’s economic common sense.

Here’s the advertisement that triggered the SJW’s:

Shea Moisture decided to go the route of Pepsi and bow down to the petulant SJWs who are ruining this world of ours.


Just look at this video of a young man who is visibly livid (lol) over Shea Moisture, it’s comedic how silly and emotional people get over products – you don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Get over it.

Shea Moisture is known for buying into all of the SJW, PC trends that are so in fashion as of late, they even support black supremacists like Tariq Nasheed:

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