SEXIST: Obama-Biden National Security Aide Gossips About KT McFarland’s Work Attire

Obama administration senior officials waging war to rid the presidency of Donald Trump of conservatives danced a victory jig with the news that Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland was being removed from her position.

K.T. McFarland.

One of those celebrating was Colin Kahl, whose Twitter bio reads, “Georgetown Prof. Former Dep Asst to President Obama & Nat Sec Advisor to Vice President Biden; former DASD (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense) Middle East. Husband. Father. Music junkie.”


Colin Kahl, Twitter avatar.

Kahl took to Twitter Sunday night to brag about beating the New York Times in gossiping about McFarland’s shoes, “I want it known that I scooped @nytimes by 6 weeks on the KT McFarland Ivanka heels story.”

The Times reported Sunday night:

“Ms. McFarland’s style had grated against some of the professional staff members on the National Security Council, which sees itself as apolitical. For example, while addressing the staff at a meeting after Mr. Flynn’s ouster, Ms. McFarland noted that she was wearing shoes from Ivanka Trump’s brand, according to an official who was present.”

Kalh proceeded to gossip about McFarland allegedly wearing a fur coat to a transition meeting, “McFarland walks into SitRoom during transition wearing fur coat. Obama official: Nice coat. Never seen a fur in the SitRoom…1/2 KT: Thanks. I’m sure they wore them during Reagan admin O official: Pretty sure women weren’t allowed in the SitRoom during Reagan admin 2/2”

Remember kids, it’s sexist to attack a women for her professional attire in the workplace–unless you’re a Democrat attacking a Republican woman.

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