Liberal Media Attacks Sean Spicer Over Poorly Worded Hitler Reference – Ignores Years of Obama Anti-Semitic Policies

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has been under attack today by the mainstream media, Twitter users, Facebook users. The entirety of the liberal media complex has jumped at the opportunity to diminish and insult the competence of a man who – in their eyes – had a footfall. What was the crime Spicer committed that warranted the left’s call to sic the dogs on him? He mentioned Adolf Hitler’s name, a crime no liberal will get in trouble for when calling President Donald Trump the now infamous slur, a crime that goes without being scolded by the liberal elites when they diminish the relevancy of his crimes against humanity in calling some average politician or businessman who leans toward the conservative side of things that.

All-in-all, the uproar about Spicer mentioning Hitler in reference to the use of chemical weapons on a battlefield has been conflated into some sort of eternal failure and “Holocaust denial”. This is an insane position to take considering the Trump White House’s relationship with Israel and the Jewish people (not to mention the familial ties to the faith the Trump family his via POTUS Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, or his own daughter, Ivanka, who converted to Kushner’s faith – his own grandkids are Jewish). The left has officially gone crazy with their accusations. They clamor for any chance to condemn an individual and send them to the gallows and one of their more favorite targets, unfortunately, is Sean Spicer.

Remember when April Ryan acted like a petulant child and they pulled out the big guns all over the MSM? Or how about the time Spicer called left-wing blog ProPublica a left-wing blog and they assaulted him on Twitter?


The other thing the left loves to forget whenever they start calling the right anti-semitic are those juicy moments when former President, and public opposer to the Israeli state, Barrack Obama made shady, disturbing deals with anti-Jewish, anti-Israel entities such as Iran.

Obama endorsed anti-Semitic institutions time and time again in a series of blows to the Israeli people and any Jewish supporter of the Israeli state.

Is it safe to say that Obama was much more of a red-flag regarding the Jewish people than Spicer is today?

Yes. 100% .

It would be naive and stupid to say that what Sean Spicer said was anti-Semitic. That is a plain and simple truth regarding this entire situation and it is part of the double-standards game that the left loves to play when it comes to their “supreme leader” Barack Obama – after all, without double-standards, the left would not have any standards to speak of. Let’s flashback to just a few of Obama’s “supportive” measures:

Another caveat to add to this, General Mattis himself stated:

“Even in World War II, chemical weapons were not used on battlefields . . . Even in the Korean War, they were not used on battlefields. Since World War I, there has been an international convention on this. To stand idly by, when that convention is violated, that is what we had to take action on, urgently, in our own vital interest,”

This quote alone specifies what Spicer was speaking to. We are living in an age of lefty madness, we are living in an age where ardent Obama supporter Nancy Pelosi calls for Spicer’s resignation but supported the anti-Semitism of our former President.

It will be very interesting to see when the left stops attempting to jump on every potential moment to feign outrage, if at all. Until then, all we can do is sit back and anticipate the rate of stroke and mental illness to continue to increase among liberals.

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