Saudi Arabia Sentences Atheist to Death for Renouncing Islam and Mohammed in Viral Video

Islam, the religion of evil, and Saudi Arabia, a state complicit in the evils of Islam, is putting an atheist to death for remarks made in a video against Islam and their false prophet Mohammed.

A man in his 20s, who has been identified locally, named Ahmad Al Shamri was picked up in 2014 when he uploaded a video renouncing Islam and their “prophet” Mohammed.

After being charged with “atheism” – yes, that’s some sort of crime over there in backwardistan – he appealed, but the Supreme Court ruled against his appeal claiming he was “drunk and high”.

The Daily Mail reports:

Shockingly, fellow countrymen appeared to support the punishment handed down by the country’s officials when reacting to the sanction online.

According to The Independent, one said: ‘If you’re a lowkey atheist that’s fine.

‘But once you talk in public and criticize God or religion, then you shall be punished.’

Another poster said: ‘I wish there could be live streaming when you cut his head off.’

Saudi Arabia is a threat to human rights, as is every majority Muslim country. They are ignorant to how modern, civilized society works and they should be punished for their crimes. These Muslims are growing more brazen as the West sees them as a minority class and they see themselves as the dominant class. We must treat them like the feral humans they choose to be.

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