EVIL REGIME: Iran Arrests 30+ Gay Men, Forces Them to Take ‘Sodomy Tests’

The mainstream media will never report on the horrendous behavior of Muslims toward the LGBT community.

In a display of Islam being Islam, Iran arrested more than thirty men at a private party who they suspect of being “homosexual”. Islam deems this a crime punishable by death because they are backward, ignorant, intolerant, and get their advice on ethics from a centuries old child molester. The Iranian government routinely hangs homosexuals and ISIS throws homosexuals off of roof tops, but the left continues their love affair with Islam.

The Jerusalem Post first reported that Iranian authorities raided a party in the Bahadoran District of Iran and wildly fired their weapons while making the arrests.

The Canada-based Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees issued a statement:

Last Thursday around 8:30 pm, Esfahan’s police raided a private party in Bahadoran, the Garden region of Esfahan. After firing several gunshots, they arrested more than 30 men apparently between the ages of 16 and 30 for being homosexual.

IRQR received several reports in last few days and were able to confirm that police attacked guests and physically beat them. Police detained them all at the Basij (Revolutionary Guard Militia) Station and then transferred them to Esfahan’s Dastgerd Prison. A few people managed to escape and we received reports that there were several heterosexual individuals among those arrested.

After a few days, all the families were informed by Basij that their sons were arrested for Sodomy. A special persecutor has been assigned to their cases and they were charged with sodomy, drinking alcohol, and using psychedelic drugs. It was reported that prisoners will be sent to Esfahan’s Medical Jurisprudence department for anal examination in order to provide evidence of homosexual acts to the court.

According to the Islamic Punishment Code in Iran, homosexuality is punishable by death and a judge is able to sentence them based on valid evidence such as a medical report.

It is tragic and devastating what is happening to homosexuals at the hands of Muslim pigs, but we mustn’t forget the other tragedy – the mainstream media REFUSES to cover Islamic hate towards the LGBT community. Instead, they choose to say conservatives are homophobic and bigoted, but we must address the systemic problems within Islam.

The West loves the word systemic when it comes to what they perceive as interconnected, deeply rooted problems within the white/straight community toward others, but since there is no systematic murder of homosexuals among that community it seems a bit ignorant to indict all of those folks when clearly ISLAM and MUSLIMS, on the whole, fail to protect a truly threatened subgroup within their society.

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