Refugee Rapists Who Live-Streamed their Rape on Facebook Will Not Be Deported From Sweden

The refugee rapists who live-streamed their assault on a Swedish girl on Facebook will be allowed to stay in Sweden.

The prosecutor called the move a “wise act.”
Breitbart reported:

Two asylum seekers who are on trial for raping a Swedish girl and streaming the ordeal live on Facebook will not face deportation back to their home countries.

The asylum seekers directly involved in the rape, aged 18 and 21, will not face deportation after the prosecution withdrew their previous claim. “The prosecutor has taken a wise decision. It is against the Aliens Act, which I pointed out here before,” said lawyer Stefan Wallin who is defending one of the men accused of the rape, 24 Uppsala reports.

Mr. Wallin, who represents the 21-year-old Afghan national, said he and his 18-year-old co-defendant arrived in Sweden when they were under the age of 15.

The third defendant in the case, a 25-year-old Iranian immigrant with Swedish citizenship, is also being tried as he is accused of filming the incident and not reporting it to the police. He also faces a charge of defamation as he broadcast the rape on Facebook. However, due to him holding Swedish citizenship, he cannot be deported.

Tuesday marked the end of the trial which began several weeks ago in March. Unlike several other cases, this has seen a speedy trial as the incident only took place in January of this year.

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