BIKE LOCK BASHER Eric Clanton ALSO Attended Antifa Stabbing Spree in Sacramento (VIDEO)

Sacramento, CA – The Antifa thug who left a Trump supporter bloodied after hitting him over the head with a bike lock has been unmasked and identified as a professor named Eric Clanton. 

It turns out that this professor just can’t get enough of communism and violence. He was spotted at a Sacramento rally in a 2016 video provided by Freedom Daily. Antifa thugs showed up to a right-wing rally and a huge stabbing spree erupted.

Recognition technique 4chan, /pol/ used to identify Eric Clanton

Eric Clanton is clearly seen in this video. This rally in Sacramento, California back in January of 2016 turned out to be a huge stabbing spree. Multiple people were stabbed and police claim that Antifa started the violence (shocker).

The Freedom Daily reporter was attacked by these violent leftists just because he was standing there reporting with a camera as a person from ‘right wing media’, although the reporter told the fascists that he was from a Military-backed Libertarian faction.

BAMN (By All Means Necessary) founder, Yvette Felarca is also in this video with a bloody head claiming the right wingers were the ones who instigated the violence. As usual, Felarca is lying to advance her violent leftist agenda.



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