POTUS Trump Calls Out Media For Russia Story ‘Fake News,’ ‘Total Scam’

President Trump ripped the media on Saturday over the Russian controversy. He called out the media for being ‘fake news’ and said the story was a ‘total scam’. 

The fake news media just can’t handle the loss. Their queen, Hillary lost the election and instead of admitting that she was a horrible candidate, they perpetuate this false narrative that Trump colluded with the Kremlin to win the election. These are the same media sycophants who helped Obama get elected twice, so naturally they think they control everything.

Reports are now saying that Trump was being surveilled even before he became the GOP nominee so with all of that information collected, where is the evidence of the Russian collusion? They have nothing! The real scandal is that Trump was spied on, his private associates unmasked and this Trump-Russia narrative is a way to distract the public while they work to remove him.



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