Female Empowerment! Nancy Pelosi Bashes Ivanka Trump After Leftist Media Twists Her Words (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi bashes Ivanka Trump during a press conference.

California Democrat and House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi went after Ivanka Trump on Wednesday when asked whether Ivanka has been “complicit” in President Donald Trump’s actions. This question was brought up in light of the recent interview Ivanka participated in with CBS host Gayle King.

In the interview, Ivanka used the words of liberals who have verbally assaulted her and called her “complicit” in perceived erroneous actions coming from the Trump White House to express her sentiments regarding a change for good that her father’s presidency presents. You can watch the video below of Ivanka and King:

This morning, in the wake of the interview, the liberal media establishment turned her words against her with headlines from CNN to all their subordinate cronies focusing on the beginning of her sentence where she says – with obvious tact – “I don’t know what it means to be complicit.” The left loves to shout and scream for women’s rights and to keep women from the oppressive, evil patriarchy, but they’re the first to try and make a brilliant, successful, conservative woman look like an idiot. Petty.


Nancy Pelosi, the sharp-as-a-tack House Minority Leader, replied to a question from a reporter asking about the recent CBS interview Ivanka took part in, Pelosi responded with:

We’re not here to talk about the president’s family, but the fact is, I think everybody knows what the word complicit is, and what it means is you’re not acting in the interest of the American people . . .

The response from Pelosi once again illustrates the complicit nature of leftist politicians with the MSM. The media tees it up and the left barely gets it out of the infield . . . but oh! what heroes they are!


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