Paul Ryan Sends Lawmakers Home to Face Leftist Mobs While He Dines With European Elites

In March Speaker Paul Ryan announced he would send lawmakers home in April to speak with constituents.

The House has yet to pass any meaningful legislation and failed to repeal Obamacare.  Paul Ryan doesn’t care.  Congress will be in session only eight days in April.

Paul Ryan sent lawmakers home to face leftist mobs at town hall meetings.


Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) faced leftist mobs chanting, “You lie!” during his town hall in Graniteville.

Meanwhile Ryan will be visiting with elites in Europe.

Paul Ryan meets with a delegation of officials in Norway.

And here is Paul enjoying a fine dining experience with Norwegian leaders.

Paul Ryan will make stops in the United Kington, Norway, Poland and Estonia. He will hold a press conference in the UK that will be livestreamed on Facebook.

Meanwhile nothing gets done at home as President Trump waits for meaningful legislation.

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