Paul Ryan Awkwardly Giggles as He Answers Questions on Tax Reform (VIDEO)

House Speaker, Paul Ryan gave a press conference on Wednesday and busted out in awkward laughter as he said progress is being made on tax reform. ‘Wow! Progress!”

Paul Ryan was asked if the White House was overstepping its bounds on tax reform and he answered:

“No, not at all. This is something we’ve been talking to them all along. We had a very good meeting with them yesterday. Our committees, the Ways and Means Committee and the finance in the White House are going to work regularly now to get a bill that’s unified.”

“We’ve been briefed now and it’s exactly along the same lines we want to go. Progress is being made showing we’re moving and getting on the same page.”

At this point he brought his hands together when he started to giggle like a school girl.


“Wow, let’s do that again. Wow, that was very interesting. Wow, progress, yeah.”

The Speaker’s office reached out to the Daily Caller trying to explain why Paul Ryan was laughing…

The Speaker’s office reached out to The Daily Caller after publication and explained that the laughter mentioned below was in fact triggered by Ryan’s surprised look at “the loud camera noises when he was moving his hands.” 

It’s obvious that Paul Ryan doesn’t take his job serving the American people seriously. He has accomplished next to nothing as House Speaker. He purposely works against President Trump and the American people. He needs to go!

VIDEO via Daily Caller:

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