Obama To Speak At University of Chicago on Community Organizing – Some Things Never Change

The Saul Alinksy disciple who trashed America and subverted the constitution for eight years is set to speak at the University of Chicago on monday.

Obama will no doubt use the opportunity to belittle President Donald Trump while at the same time motivating his army of social justice warriors.

One of the things not on the agenda is a discussion on Chicago’s out of control murder rate. It’s all about finding new leaders to advance the radical left’s mission.


http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/politics/ct-barack-obama-chicago-speech-met-0421-20170421-story.html”>Chicago Tribune wrote:

Former President Barack Obama will speak to young people at the University of Chicago on Monday, returning to the city for what will be his first public event since leaving the White House.

Obama and young leaders will hold a conversation on civic engagement and discuss community organizing at the university’s Logan Center for the Arts, his office announced Friday.

Barack Obama taught the principles of Saul Alinsky while in Chicago. There is even this photo of Obama the community organizer teaching Alinsky to a classroom of students. The heading at the top reads “POWER ANALYSIS”. The sub-heading reads “RELATIONSHIPS BUILD ON SELF INTEREST”. The symbol on the arrow between “CORP” and “MAYOR” is the “$” sign.

Saul Alinsky came up with the idea of power analysis, which looks at relationships built on self-interest between corporations, banks and utilities. Barack Obama taught students in Chicago the Alinsky Principles.

Now he’s heading back to Chicago to motivate more Socialist community organizers.
Some things never change.

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