NY Senator Gets Annihilated on Twitter After Praising Sharia Law Activist Linda Sarsour

New York Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand tweeted out an article she penned in Time Magazine proclaiming, ‘It was an honor to write about’ Linda Sarsour, one of the organizers of the women’s march.

Kirstin Gillibrand got roasted on Twitter for this because most people now know that Linda Sarsour is a Sharia law activist. She openly calls for Sharia (Islamic) law which is abusive and oppressive to women.

Pictured below is Muslim Linda Sarsour doing the one finger ISIS salute. Sarsour also has ties to Hamas. Lovely!

Excerpt from Gillibrand’s sycophantic article in Time:

The Women’s March was the most inspiring and transformational moment I’ve ever witnessed in politics. It was a joyful day of clarity and a lightning bolt of awakening for so many women and men who demanded to be heard.

And it happened because four extraordinary women—Tamika Mallory, Bob Bland, Carmen Perez and Linda Sarsour—had the courage to take on something big, important and urgent, and never gave up. Because of their hard work, millions of people got off the sidelines, raised their voices and marched. The images of Jan. 21, 2017, show a diverse, dynamic America—striving for equality for all. The moment and movement mattered so profoundly because it was intersectional and deeply personal.

This is the rebirth of the women’s movement. These women are the suffragists of our time. And our movement isn’t going away—it’s just the beginning.

Sarsour is a suffragist? No, she’s an Islamic activist pushing for laws that are antithetical to our Constitution, seeking to enslave women.

Here is Gillibrand’s tweet:

And then Gillibrand gets annihilated….of course yours truly had to take a swipe…


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