New York Times Editor Eats Crow After Getting Blasted By the Patriots For Misleading White House Photo: ‘I’m an Idiot’

The New York Times tweeted out a misleading photo a couple days ago of the New England Patriots at the White House. The Patriots publicly called them out for misleading the public, so the editor is eating crow.

The Patriots went to the White House to celebrate their Super Bowl victory. The New York Times posted a sided by side photo comparing their visit from 2015 when Obama was President to the 2017 visit with Trump. They used a misleading photo to make it look like Trump had no support and no one showed up. In reality, approximately the same amount of people showed up for Trump, however; some people were on the South Lawn when the photo was taken.

Yahoo politics editor, Colin Campbell tweeted out a statement that the New York Times Sports Editor, Jason Stallman gave him regarding the misleading photo…”Bad tweet by me. Terrible tweet’ I’m an idiot…”

Yes, you are an idiot, Jason Stallman and no, this was not a ‘blunder’ like you claim it was. This was done purposely to make Trump look like he had no support and you MISERABLY FAILED. You are fake news and this is why you have no credibility.


President Trump even blasted the failing New York Times over this…


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