#NeverTrumper Ben Sasse: Biden Would Have Defeated TRUMP in a “Landslide”

Once again… Remember: Never Trust a #NeverTrumper

Republican Senator Ben Sasse is still trashing President Trump at every opportunity.
On Wednesday Sasse told far left reporter Ana Marie Cox from The New York Times that Uncle Joe Biden would have defeated President Trump “in a landslide.”

Sasse also allowed Cox to smear the Republican president as a liar during the interview.


Senator Sasse has spent more time trashing Donald Trump than he ever did trashing failed Democratic President Barack Obama.
That ought to tell you something.

The Daily Caller reported:

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse said former Vice President Joe Biden would have won had he run against President Donald Trump in an interview published Wednesday.

New York Times reporter Ana Marie Cox asked Sasse in the interview why Trump won the election in November: “Do you think that infighting creates a situation in which everyday Americans write off all politicians as cheaters and liars? It might explain how Donald Trump won, because it didn’t make any difference to anybody that he seemed immoral — they thought of him as no worse than every other politician.”

“I would argue pretty vociferously that it’s also because of who his opponent was,” Sasse replied, indicating former secretary of state Hillary Clinton was a particularly bad candidate. “If Joe Biden would have run against Donald Trump, Biden would have won in a landslide.”

Sasse has open disdain for Trump.

Sasse is not up for reelection until 2020.

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