Muslim Immigrant Charged with Terrorism After Barging into Christian Conference and Making Threats with Guns (VIDEO)

Muslim immigrant Ehab Abdulmutta Jaber, from Saudi Arabia, entered a private gathering of Christians in South Dakota and started cursing.

Security asked him to leave.

Jaber then went out to his vehicle and started filming a threatening video with a cache of weapons in his back seat.

World Net Daily reported:

A Muslim man entered a private gathering of Christians in a hotel ballroom in South Dakota, started cursing and livestreaming video on Facebook of the event and then, after he was ushered out, displayed multiple firearms and issued statements the speakers say were a direct threat to their safety.

The man, wearing a t-shirt that said, “I’m American, I’m a Muslim, I open carry, I conceal carry, and I’m dangerous only if you’re stupid,” was approached by a security guard and told to leave.

Once back in his car, he brandished an arsenal of weapons, including two military-style rifles with loaded magazines and three handguns, and made several threats of “Be scared, be F—ing scared. Be terrified.” Again, it was all livestreamed on Facebook while parked in the conference-center parking lot.

To the surprise of the conference organizers in Sioux Falls, after reviewing the videos, police chose not to charge the man with any crime. The state’s attorney says he’s still investigating but didn’t see anything criminal in nature on the videos.

The Muslim man, Ehab Jaber, a self-described former resident of Saudi Arabia who works as a server at a local steakhouse in Sioux Falls, was questioned by police and the FBI following his bizarre behavior at the April 9 Christian Worldview conference. And now two of the speakers at the event are saying if the security guard had not noticed Jaber’s strange activity and escorted him out, something “bad” could have happened to roughly 500 Christians, including women, children and at least two state legislators who were in attendance.

Now this…
Ehab Abdulmutta Jaber will be charged with terrorism.
The Capital Journal reported:

State Attorney General Marty Jackley said Friday that a man who was asked to leave a Sioux Falls event on April 9 that critiqued Islam is facing a felony charge after he livestreamed video of himself on the internet brandishing weapons and making threats to the public.

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