MSNBC Guest Worried About Trump’s Border Wall Being Obstacle For Birds and Bats (VIDEO)

Fake News MSNBC brought on wildlife biologist, Jeff Corwin to discuss the endangered species that may be affected by Trump’s border wall. He actually said that the wall will impact birds and bats.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, birds and bats with wings will be affected by a wall.

The MSNBC host had a temporary moment of sanity when he asked Corwin, “The Birds specifically, wouldn’t they just be able to fly over the wall?”


Corwin: “Well it’s interesting you should say that and uh it’s actually an excellent question and certainly many animals that fly can migrate over that wall, but many animals actually stay very low. Birds and bats are actually passing close to the ground surface because they are heading towards plants…”

Isn’t it strange how the same leftists who love wind turbines that kill birds and bats on a regular basis are all of a sudden worried about the border wall? The birds and bats will adapt and fly over the wall. Wow what a concept.

We also reported on this lawsuit filed claiming jaguars were being affected by the border wall. In fact, Judicial Watch has obtained records from Arizona’s Game and Fish Department, debunking these lies:

Judicial Watch obtained records from Arizona’s Game and Fish Department, local governments and one of the biologists fighting the effort to designate the area a “critical habitat” for jaguars. It’s been a years-long battle that started in 2012 when the Obama administration relaxed ESA requirements to make designation of critical habitat easer for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). This includes lowering scientific standards and essentially caving in to leftist groups. The result, according to biologist and attorney Dennis Parker, is more restrictions on private property, grazing, mineral exploration and development not to mention national security. Furthermore, no scientifically verifiable record of jaguar breeding exists in the area and only lone, transient male jaguars are occasionally and peripherally occurrent, Parker said. In a document addressed to USFWS, Arizona’s Game and Fish Department states that “habitat essential to the conservation of the jaguar does not exist in either Arizona or New Mexico under any scientifically credible definition of that term.”

One of the world’s leading big cat experts, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, confirms that less than one percent of the jaguar habitat in the world is in the United States and that there’s nothing about the lands in the southwest U.S. that make them critical to the continued survival of the jaguar as a species. The renowned wildlife ecologist heads a nonprofit devoted to the conservation of 38 wild cat species and their ecosystems. Jaguars are among them and two Arizona municipalities—the city of Sierra Vista and Cochise County—that will be heavily impacted by the proposed federal measure are citing Rabinowitz’s work to halt the problematic jaguar recovery plan. Rabinowitz refers to the federal plan as “little more than smoke and mirrors” that uses assumption and speculation as fact to justify “defining critical habitat in the Unites States for a species which simply does not live in the United States and has not resided there as a population for at least half a century.” Furthermore, Rabinowitz says the jaguar south of the border is doing quite well and has genetic connectivity through designated landscape corridors.

Liberalism is a mental disorder. Liberals put animals and bugs above human beings. The illegals aliens spilling over the southern border are not only a huge financial drain for the U.S., they pose a huge danger as well. One third of our federal prisons are occupied by illegal aliens because they have committed heinous crimes, but let’s be more worried about bats.


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