Michelle Obama’s ‘Legacy’ Unraveling=>Trump’s Agriculture Department Unveils New Rules For School Lunches

Good news! Michelle Obama’s inedible school lunches are about to be a thing of the past. Michelle Obama admittedly loves enchiladas and french fries (and her figure showed it), but she loved to lecture everyone else’s children about eating vegetables.

This is what you get with an elite, overreaching government, folks; they tell your children what to eat.

Via The Daily Caller:

Perdue and Kansas Republican Sen. Pat Roberts will release a new interim rule “designed to provide flexibility for school meals” at an elementary school in Leesburg, Va. Monday, a USDA press release stated. The exact nature of the interim rule is unclear, but the USDA said it will provide “regulatory flexibility” for public schools.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama spearheaded reforms to the school lunch program to improve youth nutrition and reduce childhood obesity, but many schools found the restrictions difficult to follow.

School children hated Michelle Obama’s lunch program. In fact, Michelle Obama was even booed by school children over how horrible the food was. The food went to waste because the children couldn’t stomach it. Typical leftist policy–good intentions, bad results.

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