MEME MAGIC: Donna Trumplova, Martina Markota, and the Rise of the #MAGArtists (VIDEO)

A new hyper-creative meta-experience is here and it is called “Donna Trumplova & the Siberian Sex Circus”. The concept is filled with camp and kitsch and at times throws you into a world that might exist alongside “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

Taking direct aim at the real-world insanity bred by the illiberal left claiming President Donald Trump colluded with Russians to win the U.S. presidency, Donna Trumplova, the primary star of the production, claims she is the third daughter of the President – born from a Russian stripper (some of this reminds me a bit of “Myra Breckenridge”, as well). Trumplova is desperate to meet her “daddy” but cannot seem to get his attention . . . So, what does she do? She creates the “Siberian Sex Circus” in an effort to get her father’s attention and raise her profile in the process.

Patrick Marckesano, one of the producers of the show, spoke to me about the production and the implications it has on the political landscape as well as the driving figure behind the whole experience – Donna Trumplova:

Artistically, I think Donna is one of the most open minded people I’ve ever met. She doesn’t care about mixing genres or disciplines, what is considered “low brow” or “high art”. She mixes them all together and the result is something unique and that’s really exciting for a lot of us to work on.

I think maybe because she came from Russia so recently, she approaches things without a lot of the prejudices and orthodoxies we Americans tend to have. I personally find her approach refreshing, particularly at a time when there is such a bitter divide in this country. Donna calls out both sides on their close-mindedness and hypocrisy. She and the rest of the people who come on our show are all about REAL freedom of speech, whether we’re talking about the arts or what it means to be a liberal or conservative.

When I see people on the show who come from very different political backgrounds genuinely getting along and respecting one another, it’s very satisfying – because to me, that’s the essence of what it means to be a New Yorker and also an American.

The series is weekly and shows off fresh talent while also making a unique case for satire and art that is not simply the product of the anti-envelope-pushing lefties, and one of the standout performances thus far comes from conservative artist and commentator Martina Markota (a.k.a. Lady Alchemy).


Markota has been blacklisted in the performing arts community and has been dealing with a lot of harassment for simply being pro-Trump. We need not look far beyond The Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich to see the vile behavior of the leftist elites in the art community, and for Markota, the wrath of the left has affected her very livelihood.

After her co-workers spread rumors that she was a Nazi and a “white supremacist” and urged producers not to book her simply because she was a conservative, Markota was fired from her gig performing at a famous nightlife theater spot in New York City, but fortunately rebounded and was asked by the creator/producer of the new series to join its ranks.

Commenting on her blacklisting from the artistic community, Markota said, “I’m saddened that art has gotten to this point. I kept hearing from people in the industry that you can’t be a conservative and be an artist. I reject that and find it shocking anyone would say that because true artists do not conform or fit into a box or a mold. Art has become so boring and mainstream, everyone involved is living within an echo chamber.”

Markota’s performance on the show was one of the most boundary-pushing pieces of contemporary art yet. So frequently the left labels its art as “edgy” or “non-conformist” but instead, they miss the mark entirely and repeat the same hackneyed, conformist non-art. Lady Alchemy, on the other hand, has succeeded in creating a new angle, an angle that merges burlesque, performance art with postmodern political theater, and what is even more progressive about Markota’s performance is the right-wing implication.

After consulting with friends and 4Chan, Markota conceived the idea for her performance: “Milk Is Racist”. For those of you unfamiliar with this meme, watch this video . . .

At the twenty-two minute mark of the second episode of “Donna Trumplova & the Siberian Sex Circus”, Martina Markota begins her performance, and it does not disappoint. The innovative nature of this show and the undeniable progressiveness of it is coupled with a willingness to push real boundaries, boundaries that have been put up by the leftist artist complex. Everyone involved in this project are extremely pro-free speech and are able to work with people of opposing political views, and in 2017 America, this is something that has become wildly difficult.

At the heart of “Donna Trumplova & the Siberian Sex Circus” is not simply an exercise in comedy, or satire, but an exercise in freedom of expression, an exercise in art that can only be done in a country as free and beautiful as the United States of America, a country wherein a conservative, pro-Trump performance artist can put on a “Milk Is Racist” piece in front of a green screen streaming gritty, offbeat anime – the U.S.A. we know and love is still here waiting to return, but as the famous Andrew Breitbart once said, “politics is downstream from culture”, so for us to make American great again, we have to also make art great again.

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