MATT DRUDGE in Rare Interview: ‘Very Strange Feeling in the Air, Something Not Right in D.C.’ (AUDIO)

San Francisco, CA – Matt Drudge was in studio with Conservative radio host and best selling author, Michael Savage in a very rare interview last week.

Drudge spoke about his trip to Washington D.C. last week and told Michael Savage that there was “a very strange feeling in the air, something was not right.”

Matt Drudge: “I was in D.C. this week, I couldn’t wait to get outta there you know nonstop sirens, nonstop bomb threats.

A very strange feeling in the air. I grew up in D.C. it was never like that. Uh a sense of something is not right.

You know, the highest percentage of Hillary voters was where? Washington D.C. Trump is living in a place with the highest percentage of people who voted against him. It would have been as if Hillary went to Wyoming.”

Michael Savage also told Matt Drudge that he’s the most powerful media figure in the country.

VIDEO: Fast forward to 8:00 to hear about his D.C. trip

FYI: We are huge supporters of both Michael Savage and Matt Drudge here at TGP. They are very powerful conservative voices and they link to our articles on somewhat of a regular basis.

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