Violent ANTIFA Thugs Attack Anti-War Protesters In Front of White House

Saturday, across the way from the White House, I attended the ‘Make Walls, Not War’ rally put on by Richard Spencer and associates. I was accompanied by Cassandra Fairbanks who informed me that Antifa (the American domestic terrorist group that claim they are Anti-fascist) was set to protest the anti-war protest. And boy, did they ever.

The majority of the controversy that drove the event did not come from Richard Spencer who, while I am not remotely a fan of, remained peaceful and spoke into his megaphone about the dangers of our continued involvement in the Middle East. Rational stuff, right? Well, then came the Antifa crowd, who resorted to shoving onlookers, threatening them with violence (again, this is somewhat ironic at an anti-war rally), and eventually hitting Spencer with a “glitter bomb”.

They Antifa mob shifted the atmosphere from one of peaceful demonstration to violence. But beyond the violence, what is most strange about Antifa’s role at the event was their opposition to an anti-war demonstration.


Sometimes we do have to overlook specific speakers and focus on the broader picture. For Antifa to adamantly oppose anti-war demonstrations and to then turn the event violent only further expands upon the ironic and surreal worldview they hold.

The knowing contradiction of the Antifa crowd widens the divide in the United States and proposes a blind way of life wherein your decisions are made by the Hillary Clintons and the Barrack Obamas of the world.

I, like many conservatives, look forward to Antifa being federally designated as the terrorist group that they are.

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