Jeanine Pirro Rips Liberals: ‘Bozos’ Still Haven’t Figured Out What Russia Did to Stop ‘Queen Hillary’s Coronation’ (VIDEO)

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro mocked liberals in her opening statement calling the left ‘bozos’ who still haven’t figured out what Russia did to stop ‘Queen Hillary’s coronation’.

Judge Pirro also ripped Obama’s failed foreign policy while defending Trump’s administration.

Jeanine Pirro: “All the while these namby pamby wusses obsessing that Russia interfered with our election and our democracy.

But these bozos still haven’t figured out what exactly Russia did! But they must have done something because Queen Hillary should have been coronated.

Instead of admitting that the woman was so desperate for power that she sets up a private server to both collect money and run the government — and you know the rest.

And by the way, the Russians didn’t write her emails, the ones that sunk her. She did! And by the way, the Russians didn’t give Hillary the questions before the CNN debate, Donna Brazile did!”

Judge Pirro is spot on! The Democrats believe that Hillary Clinton was denied her crown because of the Russians. But don’t you worry, the Democrats are getting to the bottom of the 1,000 dangerous Twitter trolls who were controlling the minds of voters in swing states which ultimately led to her demise.


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