ISIS Confirms Death of U.S. Citizen, FBI ‘Most Wanted Terrorist’ in Coalition Strike

An American college graduate said to be a recruiter and key operative in ISIS’ media operations and who was wanted by the FBI was killed in a coalition airstrike in January, the Islamic State confirmed the Foreign Desk News reported.

Foreign Desk News reports:

Ahmad Abousamra, 36, a French-born dual U.S.-Syrian citizen has been wanted by the FBI since 2013 over conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists and conspiracy to kill U.S. soldiers overseas.

The terror group claims Abousama was killed in a coalition airstrike in Syria earlier this year, as he is eulogized in the latest edition of Islamic State’s propaganda magazine “Rumiyah,” in a piece entitled, “Among the Believers Are Men.”

Abousamra, known by many aliases but referred to by the Islamic State as Abu Sulayman ash-Shami, is described by the publication as one of the pioneers of the “Rumiyah” magazine, “the goal of which was to expand the Islamic State’s reach by releasing one magazine in several languages” according to an article marking his death.

Abousamra, the son of a well-known Massachusetts endocrinologist, was raised in a high-end Boston suburb, attending private Catholic high school and making the Dean’s List at Northeastern University.

In 2004, he travelled to Iraq with the intention of joining Al Qaeda and aiming to kill U.S. soldiers. The terror group assigned him to its media wing making use of his foreign language and computer skills.

After moving through various rebel factions in Syria, Abousamra eventually joined the Islamic State where he was known affectionately as Abu Sulayman “al-Halabi.” The group describes his early involvement as organizing foreign language divisions aimed at educating Muslims in the West about the Islamic State and encouraging Hijrah (moving to the Islamic State).


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