Immigrant Girls Refused to Shower with Swedish Female Classmates

Three immigrant girls from a grade school in Nässjö refused to shower with their Swedish classmates. Their parents refused to allow the girls to change clothes and shower with the Swedes.
Fria Tider reported, via Religion of Peace:

Three girls on Nyhem School in Nässjö refused to shower and change along with Swedish girls wrote Småland newspaper in an acclaimed article.

The newspaper has interviewed Lena Götesson who is a sports teacher at the school. She says that she is a few years ago had three girls in grades five and six whose parents forbade them to change clothes and shower together with Swedes.

Götesson solved the situation by letting the girls change clothes and take a shower in her dressing room instead.

– I did not think it was a big problem. Together with teachers who teach in Swedish 2, and have a little more responsibility for the children, we came up with the solution, she tells the magazine.

Götesson can not answer if parents ban to allow their daughters to change and shower together with Swedish students can be interpreted as a mark against that they do not want the children to participate in Swedish society.

In another article in the same newspaper you can read about the existence of gender-segregated classes. In particular, the sports and swimming classes, and is seen by many as a concession to newly arrived Muslim immigrants who do not want their daughters play sports and swimming with the boys.

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