Hypocrite Airline Owner Richard Branson Marches With Climate Change Protesters

Billionaire and airline owner, Richard Branson participated in the ‘climate change’ protest with his BFF Al Gore today because owning an airline is such a great way to show how serious you are about having a small carbon footprint.

The New York Times reported on Al Gore and Richard Branson rubbing elbows with the commoners at this protest:

The marchers in Washington included Hollywood celebrities and stars of the political left like former Vice President Al Gore and the business magnate Richard Branson. The front of their ranks, though, was reserved for ordinary people: the immigrants, indigenous people, laborers, coastal dwellers and children, who organizers say are most vulnerable to the effects of a changing climate.

I wonder if Al Gore did his usual–drive to the tarmac in a limousine to hop on a private jet so he could lecture the world on reducing carbon footprints by not flying in airplanes or using washers and dryers.


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