Hah! Herd of Wild Pigs Maul 3 ISIS Fighters to Death During Failed Ambush Attempt

Pig dinner.
Reports are coming out of Iraq that three Islamic State terrorists were killed by a herd of wild boar during a failed attempt at setting up an ambush in Northern Iraq.

Iraqi News says the terrorist trio were killed late Sunday evening after a run-in with the wild boars in southern Kirkuk. The Times also reported that the boars injured five other terrorists:

A herd of wild boar mauled three Islamic State militants to death and injured five others in Iraq while the extremists were setting up an ambush, locals claimed.

The men were said to have taken cover in a bed of reeds near fields in the Hamrin mountains, about 55 miles southwest of Kirkuk. They were planning an attack on tribesmen who had formed anti-Isis brigades and had fled to the mountains when the jihadists seized the nearby town of Hawija in mid-2014.

Iraqi News reports:

Kirkuk (IraqiNews.com) Three Islamic State militants died late Sunday when wild boars attacked them in southern Kirkuk, a local source was quoted saying.

The animals went on a rampage near a farmland in al-Rashad region, an Islamic State pocket 53 kilometers south of Kirkuk. They attacked the militants and left three killed, according to the source.

Alsumaria News quoted the source saying that “Daesh (Islamic State) militants took revenge at the pigs that attacked the farmland,” but did not clarify the method.

Following the embarrassing altercation, the terrorists apparently “took revenge at the pigs” – it is unclear what this means exactly. The terrorists are known to have executed upwards of 25 locals from the region in the three days leading up to the attack by the wild boars – if that’s not cosmic . . .

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