Glenn Beck and The Blaze File Countersuit Against Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren was recently suspended from The Blaze then subsequently permanently banned after her appearance on ‘The View’.

Lahren filed a lawsuit against The Blaze and founder, Glenn Beck for wrongful termination. Glenn Beck and The Blaze have filed a countersuit this morning in a Dallas, Texas court.

The Daily Caller reports:

Glenn Beck and The Blaze are countersuing Tomi Lahren, according to court documents filed on Monday and obtained by legal website

The countersuit, which claims that The Blaze is still paying Lahren, asks the court to prohibit Lahren from “making any public appearances without TheBlaze’s prior approval,” from publicly commenting about The Blaze and from “disparaging, criticizing, ridiculing, or making any negative comments about TheBlaze, Beck, or any of its or his employees or family members, or anyone else known by Lahren to be a friend or other associate of Beck.”

The Blaze claims Lahren’s public behavior “embarrassed” the conservative media company and that she was toxic to the office culture.

“Lahren was divisive and created conflicts with other media personalities at TheBlaze,” the suit claims, adding: “Lahren’s treatment of the floor crew was inappropriate and unprofessional, constantly complaining about everything including but not limited to lighting, room temperature, editing, shooting, directing, etc.”

“Lahren has been overheard by many employees complaining about TheBlaze, stating that she will sue TheBlaze and that she could own TheBlaze when she is done,” another section claims.

Read the 35 page brief below

Glenn Beck Countersues Tomi Lahren by LawNewz on Scribd

You can also read the full lawsuit on LawNewz here.

Tomi tweeted this out after the news broke about the countersuit against her…



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