Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich & Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari Challenge Liberals To Debate Them at Columbia This Tuesday; They All Refuse!

After backing out in early March, the offer’s back on the table for any media liberals who are willing to have an open debate.

Arina Merkulova, the Director of Public Relations for Columbia’s Young Republicans club, first reached out to James Michael Nichols and Gabe Gonzales – two very active, politically vocal liberals in the media who are always game to start a Twitter argument, or wax socialist, but are never game to actually debate apparently – with an offer to be on a panel alongside the Gateway Pundit’s own Lucian Wintrich and Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari – the request was never accepted.

It’s been quite some time since the invitation was extended and Nichols and Gonzalez have been silent.

The event was originally set up to be an open panel between liberals in the media and conservatives in the media, but the liberals who have been approached have refused to have a conversation, defend their points, or act like adults.


Merkulova spoke on the silence by saying, “I have reached out more than once now. If they don’t wish to come debate Lucian and Allum, then that’s fine, just tell me,” but knowing leftists, being considerate would be out of character.

Merkoluva asked that they “have the decency to reply”.

A Breitbart post from March 4 details the original cowardice of Nichols and Gonzalez:

“The MSM, along with university professors, have created such a vitriolic narrative in this country that I think many students have become genuinely scared of diversity of thought, which has led rise to groups like Antifa,” declared Wintrich to Breitbart News. “Adding humor to the entire ordeal, we invited a liberal to debate us on panel. Mic’s Gabe Gonzalez and HuffPo’s James Michael [Nichols] both refused. It’s hilarious how liberals in media are so used to simply copy and pasting Media Matters’ narrative that they are fully incapable of speaking off the cuff or engaging in an actual debate.”

“So far, every single invitation to speak that I have received from various student groups has been receded by school administrators,” he continued. “Likewise, Charlie and Allum have never yet publicly spoken at a university. The sole reason these talks were canceled was simply because we are all conservative.”

James Michael Nichols is the Deputy Editor of HuffPost Queer Voices (lol) with a very minimal output that consists mostly of drivel and Gonzalez tends to spew anti-American vitriol into a camera all day (apparently he’s a “comedian” according to his Twitter bio).

Despite liberals refusing to debate, the show will go on . . . The invitation still stands and any liberal brave enough to take on Wintrich and Bokhari are encouraged to reach out and participate in the debate.

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