California College Lecturer: ‘Trump Must Hang, the Sooner and the Higher, the Better’

A Fresno State lecturer makes disgusting comments about President Trump.

Lars Maischak is a lecturer from Fresno State who has let out a public stream of tweets, which illustrate his hatred of capitalism, the GOP, and Christian values. He also called for there to be a hanging of President Donald Trump in order to allegedly ‘save American democracy’. What a terrible era in which dangerous people like this teach the students.

His tweets speak for themselves. We have them screenshotted [sic] as well as embedded his posts so that when he inevitably deletes the them we’ll always have a record of them:

Breitbart commented on the topic:

This is today’s academia. These are types of voices hired to teach recent high school graduates American History. How do you think George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson fare when taught by one who sees the world in this way?

Maischak is an instructor for American History at the college.


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