Feminist Who Once Dated Anthony Weiner, Complained Bill O’Reilly ‘Thanked Her For Being Blonde’

CNN Pundit and proud feminist, Kirsten Powers told CNN Wednesday night that Bill O’Reilly once thanked her for being blonde.

The funny part of this is that Kirsten Powers dated Anthony Weiner in 2002 and initially defended him until his sexting scandal spun out of control and she couldn’t defend him anymore! Powers eventually called for Weiner’s resignation from Congress.

Daily Caller:

While appearing on his program early on in her career, Powers told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that O’Reilly kept screwing up fellow female commentator Margaret Hoover‘s name on air. Like Powers, Hoover has a blonde mane. Powers says O’Reilly didn’t know their names, but simply knew them for being in a sea of blonde women who appeared on Fox News.

Powers said O’Reilly thanked them for their “blonde-ness.”

The pundit said she approached O’Reilly’s executive producer about what she believed to be his abhorrent behavior. She said she wouldn’t appear on his show again if he acted like this and demanded an apology.

But she wasn’t getting one. O’Reilly refused.

Powers said she quit O’Reilly’s show for three years and then returned. “We actually ended up having a quite a good relationship,” she said.

Isn’t it strange that all of the liberal women who cheer ‘female power!’ are always the ones who date and or marry men like Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton?

What is so bad about Bill O’Reilly thanking her for being blonde? I get similar comments for being a blonde and I never get offended, but then again I’m not a feminist living with the mental disorder of liberalism either.

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