FACEBOOK LIVE SLAUGHTER: Cleveland Man Broadcasts Murder, Vows to Kill More Until Caught

A horrific murder was streamed on Facebook and the killer is still on the loose in Cleveland. He vows to kill more.

Fox News reports:

Cleveland Police named the suspect as Steve Stephens, who claimed on Facebook “to have committed multiple other homicides which are yet to be verified.” He is considered armed and dangerous and civilians are advised not to approach him. Authorities believe he may be driving a white or cream-colored SUV. Sources told FOX8 the vehicle was a Ford Fusion with temporary tags.

The Sunday shooting occurred just south of Interstate 90 in the Glenville neighborhood. Stephens also posted another video of himself talking on the phone about at least 13 other alleged murders he says he’s committed. He said at one point he “messed up.”

“And I’m about to keep killing until they catch me,” Stephens said, according to NBC.

Meanwhile . . .

When CNN and other media entities refuse to broadcast a murderer’s face simply because of their race, they are not just refusing to act ethically as it pertains to journalism, they are putting the American public and American lives in danger. P.C. culture is building a radically unsafe society.



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