Eric Trump: The President “Will Not Be Pushed Around” By Russia

In the aftermath of Trump’s decision to bomb a Syrian airbase following Bashar al-Assad brutal nerve gas attack on his own citizens, Eric Trump has decided to weigh-in on his father’s recent military actions. Speaking to his father’s character and demeanor Eric Trump says that his father is “not a guy who gets intimidated. I can tell you he is tough and he won’t be pushed around.” More of the interview can by found Via the Telegraph:

Donald Trump’s decision to launch a cruise missile attack on Syria proved he is not in league with Russia and will not be “pushed around” by Vladimir Putin, the US President’s son has told The Daily Telegraph.
Eric Trump said his father was not intimidated by President Putin’s talk of war, and there would be “no-one harder” than President Trump if they “cross us”. […]

As foreign ministers of the G7 group of nations met to agree the best way to put pressure on Mr Putin, Mr Johnson said the US missile strike had “changed the game” and Russia now “needs a way out” because association with Assad’s “toxic regime is…poisoning the reputation of Russia”. […]

He said: “If there was anything that Syria did, it was to validate the fact that there is no Russia tie.”

Speaking at the Trump Turnberry golf resort in Ayrshire, he said: “If they disrespect us and if they cross us, fine. There will be no one harder – he has got more backbone than anybody. We’re no worse off than we were before. Maybe we’re finding that we can’t be.”

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