Elizabeth Warren Bows to the Patriarchy, Decided Against 2016 Presidential Run Because Her Husband Advised Against it

Feminist Elizabeth Warren AKA Pocahontas, decided against the 2016 presidential bid because her husband advised against it according to an excerpt from her new book reviewed by the New York Post.

Via The Daily Caller:

Warren was considering a run in the Democrat primary against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, and her supporters were practically begging her to enter the race. Some of them created a drafting committee in 2015 to encourage her to run. But she ultimately opted against it, after her husband Bruce Mann advised her the race would be an especially brutal one, according to the excerpt.

“A race like this one looks pretty terrible,” he told his wife. “The Senate thing was bad enough, and running for president would be worse — a lot worse.”

Warren’s Senate race was rough. Sen. Scott Brown revealed Warren applied to Harvard and Penn as a “Native American,” although she is just 1/32 Native American, and called on the Democrat to recant her decision. Warren didn’t escape the 2016 elections unscathed. President Donald Trump called her “Pocahontas” in reference to her applications.

It looks like her husband wasn’t the only man who was able to ‘silence’ this feminist. Elizabeth Warren received a lot of attention for her feminist rally cry from the Senate floor after she was ‘silenced’ from giving her speech during  AG Sessions’ confirmation hearing.


It also came to light that she paid her female staffers less than her male staffers. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Elizabeth Warren is the hardcore feminist that the women of the left have elevated to that of a national shrine.


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