Donors’ Enthusiasm for Trump Energizes RNC Fundraising – Doubles DNC in First Quarter

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Donors’ Enthusiasm for Trump Energizes RNC Fundraising–

The RNC reported via The Wall Street Journal:

“The Republican National Committee, together with President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, raised more than $53 million in the first quarter of 2017 … fueled by the same class of online donors who flocked to Mr. Trump last year.

“Of that, the RNC raised $41.3 million in the first three months of the year—more than double what its Democratic counterpart raised in the quarter … in 2008—while Mr. Trump’s campaign raised $3.3 million and a joint committee between the two raised more than $9 million.

“Republicans’ fundraising success suggests Mr. Trump’s small-dollar supporters are continuing to flock to the party …

“Frequent fundraising emails bearing Mr. Trump’s name brought in about 250,000 new online donors to the RNC, campaign and their joint committees, according to an RNC official. That marks a 398% increase over the number of new donors the RNC won in 2016—an election year …”

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