DNC Vice Chair Keith Ellison: Trump’s WH a ‘Dictatorship’ That ‘Wants to Control What People Learn’ (VIDEO)

Muslim DNC Vice Chairman and overt anti-Semite, Keith Ellison has denounced President Trump and his administration in a damning new video that makes him look like an unhinged lunatic.

Once again, the liberals fail at understanding that THEY are the ones controlling the minds of the youth and the mainstream media audience. If you are not equipped to combat their lies, you will fall victim to them.

During a demented rant, Democrat Vice Chairman of the DNC, Keith Ellison said that President Trump’s presidency represents a dictatorship and claimed that Trump’s frequent criticism of the mainstream media means that he is somehow attempting to control what you learn.

Let’s get this straight: the President, just like every other American, has the right to criticize the mainstream media – this is freedom of speech. It is very simple. But when you are a closeted Communist, radical Islamic apologist, it can be hard to understand what “freedom of speech” means. Ellison is a brainwasher attempting to normalize Islam and the evils it brings. No good comes from Islam. Anyway, moving on . . .

Ellison goes on in the video to claim that Trump is attempting to “attack your right to know”. Ellison bashed Trump for going after the dangerous judges across the country who are attempting to stifle his positive actions. Obama-backed judges are a threat to any conservative presidency in America and Trump is in the right to criticize their miscarriage of the law.

Ellison goes on to attack Gorsuch and claims that he is “totally against workers”, which is a lie.


To close, he said he would be putting together a “resistance summer” plan to fight the President and his administration. 


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