Developing: Trump’s Laptop Ban May Be Extended to European Airports

Multiple British and American media outlets are reporting that the Trump administration may extend its “laptop ban” to European airports. While mobile phones would not be affected by the ban, larger devices such as laptops and tablets would be required to be stored in an aircraft’s hold on US-bound flights.

A ban put in place in March affected flights originating from Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and was predicated upon several incidents of airline terrorism, as reported by CBS News:


At the time, even liberal media admitted the devilish ingenuity of international terrorists in destroying not only aircraft, but also precious human lives. It remains to be seen whether outlets like Politico will support the Department of Homeland Security’s newest efforts to protect American and foreign travelers to the US, or will take the low road by using the expanded ban as the latest cudgel to bash President Donald Trump.

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